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  • Automotive

    Product inversion is sometimes required for stamped steel sheets with burred edges. Before each panel is folded to the correct shape, a sheet inverter turns the stack over 180° so the burrs and any rough edges are on the inside of the cut-out steel sheets.

  • Bakery and Ingredients

    Stricter food safety standards and IAB audits have lead to the use of plastic and hygenic pallets for storage of WIP ingredients. Pallet inverters transfer bags boxes, pails and drums quickly to in house pallet without creating damage.

  • Beverage

    Push or pull load transfer methods can cause damage to tray packs or overwraps while broken pallets, exposed nails and splinters can result in product reclaim or workplace hazards. Load Inverters change out bad pallets and provide damage free product transfer.  

  • Building Materials

  • Cheese and Dairy

    180° pallet inverters turn over pallet loads of cheese to aid in the aging process. Containers of sour creams and cottage cheese are flipped over at the factory then re-inverted by hand at the store prior to placing on the shelf preventing the whey from separating.

  • Chemical

    ISPM15 regulations prevent shipping ordinary wood pallets to many European and Pan Pacific countries. Approved Heat treated and one trip plastic pallets require direct palletization when product is produced. Pallet inverters turn product onto new export pallet prior to shipping.

  • Consumer Products

    Big box retailers require specific pallets which offer a sturdier, more consistent platform for distribution and in store use. Manufactures often palletize onto a stringer pallet which would require a quick load transfer to a IGPS, CHEP or PECO pallet prior to shipment.

  • Defense

    DLA Distribution centers receive, store and ships materiel for America's Armed Forces providing military parts, clothing, food, medical supplies and textiles operating like a freight-forwarding business. Pallet Inverters help consolidate freight on special air pallets for overseas shipments.  

  • Distribution and 3PL

    Regional mixing centers and third party logistics warehouses face the challenge of handling thousands of products from production plants each day shipped in on substandard pallets.  The SC Model Pallet Inverter easily switches out bad pallets and recovers product damage.

  • Fertilizers and Lawn Care

    Green initiatives to reduce packaging and concern about ground water pollution have put increased scrutiny on lawn care supply companies. All torn or broken bags must now be replaced prior to shipping. A load inverter flips the pallet upside down for easy bag replacement.  

  • Food Service

    Many food service distribution facilities require vendors to ship product on sturdy rental pallets for storage in an Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS). Pallet Inverters and Pallet Changers allow quick, easy damage free load transfers.

  • Frozen Foods & Cold Storage

    Removing/ inserting freezer spacers require strong backs or outside lumpers that restack boxes all day long. Freezer spacer removal and inserting equipment eliminate up to 95% of the labor, reduce man power and free up critical space on the loading dock.

  • Meat, Poultry and Seafood

    Consumer complaints are forcing many companies to consider plastic pallets. Mixing, grinding and further processing operations dumping combos of meat need to control unwanted debris. Stainless pallet inverters transfer combos to plastic pallets without damage.

  • Nutraceutical and Cosmetics

  • Pet Food and Supplies

    Food safety concerns are equally important for the family pet. Product contamination and complaints can be reduced with the use of plastic pallets in the manufacturing process. Smart companies use inverters to transfer to plastic pallets for in plant use.

  • Pharmaceutical

    Recent product recalls due to improperly fumigated wood pallets have pushed this industry to invest in clean, reusable plastic and aluminum pallets for inhouse and export purposes. Pallet changers control costs and allow transfers prior to exporting.

  • Printing and Corrugated

    Commercial web printers require signatures to be inverted prior to hand off to the bindery department. Specialized 180° Pallet Inverters are used to eliminate carpal tunnel incidents that occurred when paper lifts are turned over by hand.

  • Rubber

  • Steel and Stamping



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